Mercury retrograde, round 1

This month’s Mercury retrograde snuck up on me. When I asked Zurac about it, he reminded me these comments about the astrological period dovetail very nicely with his February outlook.

“This Mercury retrograde will be more about one’s communication with self. This may sound a bit odd. You are used to considering Mercury retrograde a time of poor, or confusing, or dropped communication with other humans.

“Consider that your communication with self is about how you are feeling in a given moment, or perhaps, what you may want at any given time. Do not assume you will continue to feel about something the way you have felt about it all along. Take some time to explore your feelings and see if they have changed, or if new ones are arising. I am talking about relationship; jobs; where you live; what your future plans are, etc.

“It is a wonderful time to check in and see if you are still feeling abut these decisions, for they are all decision, as you did when you originally made them. When you are in your everyday lives, it is quite easy to miss the deeper nuances of feelings. There is much for you to do, I understand, and you feel as if there are only so many hours in the day. As I said, take some time this month to check in on anything that feels a bit like it may warrant your attention.

“This is about communicating with self; with honing in on what you want; and with recognizing the shifts that can occur over time. The Mercury retrograde piece is that you may be surprised at the difficulty in knowing what you want (during this period). This does not mean you should avoid the consideration. Rather, think of it as an opportunity to release some parts of you that do not support what you want at a deeper level. These are what create the confusion, or overwhelm, that may occur when you are considering. Those parts of you will be triggered by this Mercury retrograde, and it’s a wonderful time to release them.”

Let us know if we can be of assistance.

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  1. eva dunn February 5, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    thank you. i guess there are many items that will be switched about for each and every one of us. mostly if they are considered. keep writing i will write you fairly often.

    i am happy to meet you.

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