Noticed anything different around here?

I’m FINALLY getting around to mentioning our website update… y’know, the one that went live in October 😉

What a sweet new look! It’s easy to navigate, and I love the home page!

I added lots of new images, and spruced up some of the writing, including the Q&A page.

I also really wanted to update, clarify and distill the Sessions page.

To do this, I asked myself the question, “Well, what are we doing with folks NOW?” Do you know why?

Because it’s working!

I hear it in your feedback, I see it on your faces, and I feel it in your excitement during your followup sessions. You all are AWESOME!

(Can I just say again how much appreciation and gratitude I have to be able to collaborate with you all? Thank you. From the bottom of my everything.)

Of course we’re still doing straight-up channeling sessions, in 30 and 60 minute increments.

And while we’ve been offering this combination of Processology and channeling all along – now it’s official!

There’s also a package offering for those who are really focused on a particular goal, or goals. If you’re doing a session or so a month anyway (or if you want to be!), check it out here.

Questions, comments, or just want to send some love? Email me here.

Much love,
Maria sig