November 2013 Outlook

Hi everyone!

Zurac decided that his November outlook would include comments on Mercury retrograde, which started on the 21st. Check it out:

“This will be an opportunity to address the deep belief systems that you HAVE been aware of. If you’ve been wondering how far along you are in certain areas of your life, this will be an opportunity to experience it. This Mercury retrograde will be quite a triggering time. You may find yourself thinking “I thought I was over this,” or “I thought I’d seen the last of this behavior.” This is a wonderful chance to continue to work through these belief systems that these feelings, behaviors, and experience of internal dialogue stem from. I understand this could be a frustrating time; to be faced with experiences one thought they’d fully addressed. However, please see the opportunity in this and to the best of your ability, on your own or with the assistance of others, address what is rising to the surface for you during this period.

“You will notice some annoyance that you are dealing with these same, old issues; what are perceived as issues, I’d like to say. Please recognize that actually what is occurring is that you are digging in more deeply then you have in the past. You are unearthing a deeper level of belief system, probably unconscious, that you may now address. It is not, I would like to say, that you are going over the same old terrain yet again. Rather, this is brand new terrain for you to be traipsing, so, know you will walk through this terrain this month, and enjoy the view while you are there.”

I hope you’re as excited by the possibilities as I am 🙂 Happy traipsing!


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