November 2015 Outlook

This month will be a very, very appropriate time to explore what is happening in your inner world.

There have been many changes! Much of this has happened so quickly, and without prior notice, and you have not even had a moment to check in and feel your current, today feelings!

You may still be assuming that you are feeling the same way about different aspects of your life that you felt, say, three months ago. This may not be true! These changes have occurred so quickly, and for some of you, in such quick succession, that you have not really had the time to integrate those changes.

Even if a change occurs in a snap of your fingers, that does not mean you have taken it in. That does not mean you truly understand all of the ramifications, and it certainly does not mean that you are aware of your feelings, once you have moved through some of the initial surprise or shock!

When you have felt a particular way for a long time, it is easy to assume you will continue to feel that way! It is easy to rest in the hands of an old feeling; it is familiar and comfortable.

This month, I VERY strongly encourage you to check in on how you are feeling about specific areas of your life. There is no one area to focus on – it is more about noticing what you want for yourself, and how that may have changed in recent months.

You may notice some differences that surprise you!

It is a very good time to reassess, perhaps to make some new decisions, or to go off in some different directions. Take the time to explore who you are NOW – and please, do not go down the road of self-judgment if you decide to make some changes!

This is not the time to beat yourself up with ideas of what you committed to in the past, or what you told everyone you wanted to achieve, etc. This time IS about you, and what you want for you. Change occurs in a very speedy manner in your world now, and to grow your comfort with changing your mind about what you may want will be a very useful skill! Please enjoy this re-vitalizing check in with self, this month!

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