November 2017 Outlook

Some of you are thinking quite a lot about empowerment. You are checking in on your definitions of it; you are considering changing or expanding those definitions; and some of you are realizing that what you considered empowerment in the past, is not empowerment at all!

This is a very lovely time to take some care if you are considering these questions.

“Empowerment” is a potentially triggering word! There are many attachments to it in terms of emotional growth and in spiritual circles, and those attachments are not always comfortable.

If you are one who is realizing that perhaps what you considered empowerment in the past is no longer fitting for you, I request you take some time to recognize that you are now, in your present, and it is very appropriate for you to look at your past – even yesterday! – and to move forward into what you want for your future, without self-judgment!

To have these awarenesses, in terms of expanding your vision for your self-empowerment, is wonderful!

To begin to “evaluate” or pass judgment on what you’ve done in the past… is not useful!

Some of you are realizing that how you looked at others in the past was in fact judgment disguised as concern; or that how you interacted with those in positions lesser then yours was not mentorship but superiority; there are other examples, these are just two.

It is not necessary to hold yourself hostage for past behaviors. It is not necessary to first suffer, or self-criticize, or confess your sins.

All that is needed is a decision to shift your vision, and to move forward into a more expansive experience of self-power and a new experience of standing solidly in Self.

Please, pass on the self-hate. It does not serve anyone, and does not assist in your forward motion…

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