October 2015 Outlook

There will be a certain similarity to your experiences this month as in recent ones. You are indeed in an energetic phase, as a planet, of great change!

It is a wonderful opportunity to weed through your closets and to give away anything that no longer fits; anything that is old, and dusty; and anything that has been hidden away in the corners for so long that you didn’t even remember it was there!

This is also a particularly good phase to focus on “family-related” belief systems. I refer specifically to those beliefs learned and modeled from those who raised you. I also refer to a, in essence, deeper sort of belief system that relates to your physical ancestry, and the people who came before you in your family. These are grandparents, great-grandparents, and farther back…

There is a sort of energetic lineage that can be passed along physically, yes.

These beliefs are sometimes less obvious, or there is less resonation; they do not necessarily make sense to you, because these beliefs were decided on by people who had very different experiences then you are now having!

So, it is quite important to remember, that everything that comes up for you, in terms of emotions, behavior patterns, etc., DOES NOT NECESSARILY HAVE TO MAKE SENSE. You do not NEED to “understand,” to allow yourselves space for release, for giving away, for leaving behind.

This is difficult, to let go of this desire to “understand”!

It’s quite hard for humans to trust themselves deeply enough to simply allow!

It is quite possible, for example, for an emotion to rise, for one to experience it, feel it, explore the sense of it, then to leave it behind. This does not happen nearly as often as it could because as physical beings, you tend to want to examine, evaluate, judge, place value on, and figure out all of these things that you feel!

This is rarely useful, in the releasing process!

Allow yourselves the space this month to grow your practice of letting go of needing to make sense of everything you are feeling. Feel, and allow yourself to feel, and skip the step of self-judgment; this will smooth and ease your experience of letting go…

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