October 2016 Outlook

Pay very close attention to what you are experiencing, this month. What I mean is, take the time to scrape away your outer, tough layer; the face you show the world; the version of “you” that shows up to work, to friends, even to family, and is known as the one who “gets things done.”

Allow yourself some time to put this version of you down for a bit of a nap, to rest for a little, so that you can experience yourself without all the “shoulds” and without the sense of rush around all the things that must be done through the course of the day.

Many of you are living very busy lives, this is true! And what has occurred, is that you do not feel as connected to your emotional self as you used to. You are going through and – perhaps very successfully! – crossing items off your to-do list!

However this busy-ness, this sense of a need that more and more get done, keeps you from feeling as deeply as you are capable of feeling; and the most important thing some of you are not feeling is what it is you WANT.

While feeling more deeply is often a positive shift, this month you will be especially drawn to doing so; let me say, there will be much support in exploring these feelings!

There will also be energetic support in setting, or re-setting boundaries; boundaries that will assist you in creating a life that is more full of your desires, and boundaries that will assist in letting go of what you decide is no longer serving you…

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