October 2017 Outlook

There is a way to find a lightness of energy when everything around you feels heavy. There is a way to grasp at a feeling of centeredness when the world around you is fast and loud and triggering.

There is a way to dip your toes in a gentle, running stream when your external world feels as if it is on fire.

Go within. Connect deeply to Self, or your inner voice, or the most solid, grounded feeling that you have, and ask: Where am I in all this?

“This” refers to whatever is occurring in your life. “This” can be as small as an argument with a friend, or as complex as beginning to take steps towards a complete life change…

The “where” is VERY important! When you feel stress and can point to an event causing it, the images associated with the event often include you being crowded in or even crushed.

To CREATE a visual separation between you and the items that are crowding you in the image, or a visual distance from the ongoing and never-ending to do list, or visual space between you and a particular person you are having issues with… this is a tool that allows you to create a sort of internal quiet that will help with the practice of connecting to self.

Change WHERE you are in these images, creating a comfortable space between you and that which is outside of you.

This tool does not connect you to Self, per se.

This tool assists with creating an internal sense of quiet and solitude that is necessary when connecting to Self in a world that does not allow for actual quiet and solitude!

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