I recently read about the Pay As You Wish (PAYW) model, and I decided immediately I wanted to start using it in the mp3 shop.

My experience with the shop has been varied. I’ve been asked to offer the mp3’s for free; I’ve been told I don’t charge enough for them; and there have been myriad suggestions in-between.

With all this diverse feedback, what’s a gal (and business-owner) to do?

Well… Let’s experiment with the PAYW solution.

With this model, the power is in your hands.

There is a $1 base for each mp3. After that, you decide. If you liked the original, old price, pay that. If you thought them worth more, go for it. If you’re new here and just checking us out, or if money’s a bit tight, please pay whatever you’re comfortable with.

I absolutely adore that this solution makes these audios available to anyone who desires to experience Zurac.

I trust your worth-choosing capability. And, choice is empowering.

Value is a thought-provoking concept. We all place it differently.

Where’s yours?


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