September 2016 Outlook

Expect a bit more ease, this month, then you have been experiencing. There will be shifts for you to process, yes – however there will be more of a lull then in the past few months.

This simply means that you are supported, by this planet you step on daily, to process these changes of energy you have been experiencing with a bit more ease. It is a quiet spot to sit and ponder all that has happened, recently.

This is a very useful way to think of this month!

You can take an opportunity to step off of this path you are on, for a short while, and rest. Drink your water, perhaps have a snack, and consider all that you have seen and experienced on this path.

You will continue back on it, very soon; you will not miss anything in stepping off for a short break.

In considering what you have experienced, also use this information, and these learnings, to consider where you’d like to go next on this path. Very soon there will be choices to be made.

Would you like to continue straight on, or veer to the right? Or, here is another path that looks not quite so well-trod – do you perhaps want to try this one?

This HAS been occurring, and will continue to occur, and will particularly occur in the coming months. Having this period to rest a bit, and self-assess, will be VERY useful.

This is something I’ve spoken about quite a bit, recently: the necessity of taking the time to notice what your changes are and where you are NOW.

Energies are mutating so quickly – and energy moves much more quickly then your self-concepts!

There are ways that you have felt about yourself, ways you have defined yourself that no longer apply! That said, it is not an automatic that you will recognize these changes! Sometimes it take some care, some self-assessment, some quiet time for reflection to notice these shifts.

That is what this month is for! Enjoy getting to know the new you…

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