September 2017 Outlook

Practice finding your strength in Self, this month.

There are many places people find strength; in friends or family; in self-care practices; there is also a sort of false strength that comes from certain behaviors, for example turning to food or cigarettes when one is feeling stress… this is a defensive move, however it is still a form of “strength” that can help some people maintain a form of equilibrium…

There is nothing “wrong” with any of these behaviors or techniques!

That said; it is a wonderful time to practice checking in with Self first when you are feeling the need for some support.

I AM NOT suggesting you avoid reaching out to your systems of support or community.

I AM suggesting that first you allow yourself to feel your full power, your full strength, to balance your emotion or calm your mind!

Sometimes when you reach out it is for support in a task – you’d like a ride, or some assistance with a chore. However there are many times when you reach out because your emotions are in turmoil, or you feel ungrounded or at a loss.

Begin to practice trusting Self. This can be your first exercise: to recognize your ability to ground Self, to allow yourself the room to experience that, and to permit yourself to feel as empowered as it is possible for you to feel…

This month you will be supported in this activity.

Again, I am not suggesting you do not reach out.

I AM encouraging you to reach for Self, first!

This solidity and this sense of what you are capable of resulting from this practice will allow you to continue to be there for you, with more ease, as well as to be there for others with a strength and calm they will appreciate when they desire support…

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