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Maria here.

A client who asks great, big-picture questions during his channeling sessions was having quite a conversation with Z about “all of this stuff going on” in the world. He was referring to the strain, and the changes, and the unexpected events that many people have been experiencing.

He’s kindly given his permission to share a portion of Zurac’s response to him.

Here’s what Zurac had to say:

There are many, many ways in which humans weigh themselves down. I am saying this nicely! Sometimes you are dragging yourself behind a car that is going very fast, and I am calling this “weighing yourselves down!”

We are talking about the ways in which you tend to diminish yourselves!

This is a VERY current topic. There are many changes happening in the energies around your planet – they are more far-reaching then that, these energetic changes, however at moment we will concern ourselves with earth! – and those changes ARE being felt by you all, whether you are aware of them, believe in them, etc, or not.

This IS happening.

There are many people and beings with many different opinions about what is occurring. I will not predict, per se. I will not say that the changes will result in… because there is no outside decision that has been made!

I will also NOT say, “please begin to pay more attention to your spiritual practice because THAT is what will change things for the better on your planet.”

This is not the case, because, it is not that simple of an endeavor!

There is no victim here. There is no point in seeing any of this as something that is happening to you, or to the planet. That’s not how this works!

It is rather, that the shifts are occurring, much like all of the balls being tossed in the air – except that these balls can remain in the air for quite some time! – and it is unknown where they will land.

There are those who look at this situation as if it were a mathematical equation, and they say, well, probably, this will occur… and there may be some substance to that…

However, I would like to suggest, that perhaps the entire point of these changes, at least in terms of the human experience, is that you all do begin to gain more comfort with NOT KNOWING.

This is the drain of being human, isn’t it? The desire to always know what will occur, or how things will turn out, or if you will feel safe and comfortable…

This mindset is very deeply ingrained in all humans. It does look different based on culture and country, however it IS present in all humans, and it is such a drain on your personal resources.

By personal resources I mean your energy, your focus, and it is such a drain on what you are truly capable of, as beings.

This is a large statement, I know!

There is no judgment in it. I am sharing my perspective, and hoping it will prove assistive to you.

The experience of “needing to know” has caused quite a bit of damage in your world. I am talking about that base, that mindset of “needing to know,” relating to needing to be right, relating to “now I am done,” or arrival… and ALL of the behaviors, situations, etc. that have arisen from those mindsets.

Nearly every experience on your planet that you would term as negative – everything from one-on-one violence to all-out wars – can be traced back to the existence of these mindsets.

The existence of these mindsets is a very key reason why your earth, this planet, exists at all.

It is very much a place where humans can either embrace these mindsets, fully, as some of you do, or where you can very much begin the process of stepping away from these mindsets.

There are, yes, I will say experiences, that occur on this planet that fit in very well with these mindsets. The physical-ness of the planet is a support to these mindsets; the manners in which you all tend to interact with one another; as well as what is required to be human – food, water, shelter – all are potential supporters of these mindsets.

This does not have to be the case; however, it is.

The physical-ness on your planet tends to push people towards hierarchies. This happens alongside of those mindsets.

I am talking about all the pieces that exist that make these realities you currently live in possible; I am also talking about the reasons these realities, humans, and the earth exist, and attempting to describe the dance you are all doing together on this lovely planet of yours!

When people say, “why are we here?” yes, this is a complex, and beautiful, and nuanced question… however, the brief answer is, to shift a very core way of thinking, that can also only exist at the intensity that it does on this very planet!

Souls who land here, at their deepest core, desire to shift these mindsets. There are less-deep desires, as well, and connections that souls desire to make with other souls, and, and, and… There are many things happening when you are here!

However, the very deepest piece is to shift these mindsets. These mindsets are the key.

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