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A huge YES regarding the session. WOW!!! Well, my head is about to explode with so many ideas since last week – I can hardly focus. I do feel lighter and am consciously working on not sweating the small stuff. Right now, I want it all – feels weird and I’m not sure how it will happen, but it’s a start, and I’m beginning to trust that I can make it happen… Plans right now are to spend a little more time on my main idea for a business – researching, reading, and planning to get the feel of it. Then, I would like to work with “team Zurac” to see it I can get more information and make sure I’m on the right track…”
P.S., from a happy client email
“During my channeling session with Maria, who calmly takes on the entity Zurac, I cried. I never cry so this was astounding. Zurac had easily discovered my “soft spot” and made gentle suggestions as how to help myself and therefore the others in my life. He simply understood my concerns and addressed them truthfully with compassion and kindness. My session was astonishing and my conversation with Maria afterwards allowed me to recognize aspects of myself I had not previously considered. I give the highest recommendation to Maria’s channeling abilities and to her entity Zurac and their combined comprehension of one’s undisclosed inner self.”
S., Wedding Officiant
“Maria’s channeling work is sensitive and wise. She holds the same space of benevolent presence as in her acupuncture practice. The guidance doesn’t always go where you expect it to, which adds to the feeling of receiving insight and help from some place deeper than the surface level of mind. The information shifts easily back and forth from everyday concerns to a larger perspective of what’s going on underneath it all, in the subconscious or even on a soul level. There’s a psychological maturity that grounds the work and facilitates its resonance with the whole being. In addition there may be some “helpful hints” about how to use this information to enhance one’s life journey. This is finely crafted work and a valuable resource.
K., Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
I was incredibly moved by the insight I gained in working with Maria and Zurac. I’ve had productive experiences with channeling in the past, but this was the most comfortable I’ve ever felt in speaking with an entity. I felt peaceful and welcome the entire time. Zurac identified and explored behavioral and thinking patterns I’ve been struggling with for years, and offered patient and clear explanations for each question I posed. I look forward to working with them again soon!
M., Writer and Musician
Maria’s strengths as a channeler are quite evident. I had a great experience with my channeling experience with her. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but had fruitful results. The channeling process allowed me to gain insight around the issues I proposed. The clarity of the responses to my questions allowed me to explore the nature and the reasons for my questions more deeply. I was very surprised that Zurac was able to pick up on the underlying patterns of thoughts and behaviors associated with my questions; this was a very insightful experience and I left with more clarity and a deeper desire to take time for self-reflection. The process for me was kind of like pushing a reset button and gave me the opportunity to remember to be more self-reflective and open to the vast possibilities that life has to offer. Maria was professional, insightful, and a great pleasure to work with.”
A., Teacher
I have experienced Zurac as a gentle and calm energy… Zurac provides awesome guidance and assists me in answering my questions.  I also enjoy when he brings up things that are in my blind spots that would assist me in my life’s journey. Thank you Maria and Zurac for assisting me in my life journey.”
G.,  Global Capacity Manager
“Thank you Maria and Zurac, I feel a total sense of inner peace after the session, and I completely felt Zurac shifting the energy in my left hip. It was amazing!
S., Yoga Teacher
“Channeling with Maria and Zurac has deepened my understanding of my soul’s journey. There is often a sense that my unconscious understands the advice better then my conscious mind. The gentle nature of each conversation supports recognition, contemplation, and the deeply rewarding release of personal beliefs that no longer benefit me.”
A., Clothing Designer and Business Owner
“Talking with Maria and Zurac is like visiting an exciting hands on museum within yourself. A museum of your experiences and patterns that were and are. Take a minute and visit your museum. Is there something that you would like to move or change? Zurac is a knowledgeable and gentle tour guide that gives you an opportunity to discover things about yourself that you did not know. He offers ideas and activities that you can do to make your own changes within yourself. Give yourself a gift. Have a talk with Maria and Zurac.”
C., Engineer
“The sessions that I have had with Maria and Zurac have been insightful and pragmatic. I feel honored to have access to the wisdom and care that each of them has expressed for me during my channeling sessions. If you want empowerment in your life, they make a great team to assist in every way they can. If you are ready to make some changes, they are awesomely supportive!!!”
S., Professional Waiter
“When I met Zurac I did not know what to expect. He has a gentle spirit. I’ve worked with Maria for more than 12 years and I can see the physical transformation when she is allowing Zurac to speak through her. The transformation is subtle and distinct. I ask questions specific to me and the answers have helped to resolve some issues that I have been dealing with. The conversation was spiritual and touched my soul. I am looking forward to our next meeting.”
M., Artist and Teacher

“The first time I attended a channeling session with Maria and Zurac, it was mostly out of curiosity. I knew nothing about channeling, and even though it sounded a bit out there, I have always trusted Maria as a down-to-earth energetic worker. So, I figured I’d give it a try.

I was totally blown away, and now I’m constantly looking forward to my next session with Zurac. He has access to a realm beyond the human experience and can articulate things I’ve felt, but never understood.

In addition to giving insight and advice to help me overcome my challenges, Zurac assists by sometimes removing some of the energetic blocks himself. Zurac has helped improve my marriage and my relationship with my children, as well as boosting my professional life. I’ve experienced relief from anxiety, gained confidence, and even been able to control my intense temper.

It’s obvious that Zurac really cares about the spiritual development of everyone he talks to.I am so grateful that Maria has so graciously brought Zurac into my life, and look forward to my future sessions with great anticipation. If you are considering scheduling a session, might as well schedule a bunch. You won’t regret it!”

J., Mom, Wife, and Business Owner

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