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So what is channeling?

“Channeling” is a very broadly used term! To clarify, I’m a conscious, integrated channeler. This means I remain conscious and aware while I’m channeling, as opposed to going into trance.

When channeling, I’m allowing Zurac, who I have developed a relationship with, to use my voice and body to interact with our client.

I am not carrying messages for Zurac. Rather, I step aside and allow him to use my physical body to communicate directly with folks.

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Who do you channel?

Zurac is an ascended being. He excels at uncovering your unconscious mindsets, beliefs, and patterns of behavior.

He wants to assist us in our unique journeys of inner exploration. He knows that journey looks very different for each of us.

Zurac does not have pre-set rules about what is required for personal or spiritual growth. He simply meets each of us where we are, and shares powerful and compelling insights that are specific to us and our path.

He is very gentle, respectful, and above all, EMPOWERING. Zurac offers invaluable and precious guidance to help you connect with self, and to clarify your path of change and growth for YOU.

Who can benefit from a channeling session?

Anyone who has questions about where they are taking their life, or an interest in shifting their current life experience. So, pretty much everyone!

What is a channeling session for, exactly?

Personal growth looks very different for all of us. I’d loosely define it as the journey that feeds you, excites you, and interests you… and it’s all about YOU.

As such, you get to choose your path, and at the same time, define what is important for you.

For some, it’s about getting some clarity that will help them meet professional goals. For others, it’s about understanding the patterns of behavior that are affecting their personal relationships in a not-so-nice way. For still others, it’s about learning more about why they react (read: in a way they don’t like!) to certain types of situations.

These are just examples. Zurac is excellent at uncovering what is behind these types of experiences, allowing us to meet our goals and continue our journey with more ease and satisfaction.

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How do I prepare for a channeling session?

Take a deep breath. Take a moment to clear your mind, and focus within, on you.

Ask yourself, what is the most important thing for you to know at this time that can improve your life and your sense of self? What do you need to know at this time to make your life what you want it to be? What do you need to become aware of so you can focus your efforts for the outcome you truly want?

Consider where you are in your life at this time, and where you’d like to go; the goals and dreams you would like to achieve, the path and the future you would like to create for yourself. Write down your questions. Have them ready for your channeling session. Your questions will be crucial and Zurac will work with your most profound intention.

I do ask that you not ask questions in lieu of medical advice; nor questions about other people. Zurac respects people’s sovereignty and will not discuss your loved ones’ issues.

What can I expect from a channeling session?

Perceptive observations, combined with suggestions to look within at certain mindsets, beliefs, or behaviors characteristic to you that might interfere with your most profound intention.

While Zurac will offer suggestions to help you direct your energies and focus, he will not tell you what to do; you will not hear “you should” or “you must.”

Zurac will attentively respond to your questions without judgement, and with the utmost consideration for the fact that you have the power of choice at all times. Here’s a blog post with a few more details.

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